About Oel Wingo

Oel Wingo, obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Florida and has accrued more than 25 years of management experience in the public sector including extensive collaboration with agencies in the private sector.

Dr. Wingo has provided training and given presentations both nationally and internationally on a wide range of topics from governance and management to current issues in education. An accomplished writer, her works have appeared in a number of scholarly journals. Following Hurricane Katrina, Wingo's personal journal containing a description of her experiences as team leader of an emergency response team was published in local newspapers.

Dr. Wingo has maintained a number of professional organization memberships including the International City/County Management Association and the Alliance for Local Government Innovations Group. She has also served on various professional, not-for-profit and civic boards. 

Oel Wingo Management Consulting Services provides a wide array of high-quality yet cost-effective management consulting services, focusing on services for public sector groups, particularly those at the city and county level, not-for-profit groups and private sector groups, particularly those who provide services to local level government groups

Core Services provided include:

  1. Organizational Development & Performance,
  2. Finance & Budget Management,
  3. Human Resource Management and Training,
  4. Program/Project Management,
  5. Strategic Analysis & Planning,
  6. Intergovernmental Coordination and Collaboration,
  7. Online Reputation Management for the Public Sector.